Senzor Planet as sector sponsor

Senzor Planet has been founded in 2003 by Vladut Mateianu and Andrei Vladeanu, double world vice champions of carp fishing. The company manufactures and sells baits since 2008 and we are the first Romanian company producing carp baits. Our products are available in more than 700 shops across Romania and in many other European countries as well, like e.g. in Hungary, Austria, Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal, Moldova, Germany and Italy. Thanks to our extensive Romanian and European distribution network Senzor Planet is currently the biggest company in Romania distributing baits.

We also have an exclusive distributor in Hungary (Senzor Planet Hungary) we provide resellers as well as boilie and match fishing anglers with the full product range with true rarities, like for example the sweet corn sirup with its own patent or the Amix groundbait specially developed for short fishing sessions, which specialties have already had proven their successes on several occasions. It is important to know about our products that thanks to the high-quality ingredients and our vast range of products all kinds of fish hiding in the waters in front of us can be caught under almost any circumstances.

We at Senzor Planet dedicate special attention to the production of high-quality boilies made exclusively of natural ingredients which are available in both soluble and boiled forms.

Thanks to our vast product range and quality ingredients our products managed to prove themselves quite exceptionally several times even in race conditions.

Examples for this are the outstanding results of the Senzor Romanian Angling Club: double world vice champion title at the carp angling world championships, one WC bronze and an individual silver medal as well as 5 national champion titles.

In addition to all that in 2005 the Senzor Team set up a world record with a catch of over 1 ton in a carp angling competition on Maconka (1016 kg in 100 hours). In 2019 we came third on the IBCC in the Top 5 biggest fish category.


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