IBCC 2024 Day 4 – Minute by Minute

24.04.2024 20:00 PM

We are reporting fantastic news in today’s last entry of our minute-by-minute section, as at PEG 244 the AQVARIUS TEAM has made an incredible catch!

A carp, which weighed 35.625 kg after official weighing, so a new Balaton carp record was registered in the presence of the Balaton Fish Management Nonprofit Limited.
There is still time left in the competition and we can say that the jubilee Adventer & fishing X. IBCC will be about the really big carp!

24.04.2024 17:30 pm
The forecasts came true, in the early afternoon, the first level storm warning was posted in all three basins, so the teams could set off and pull in their end rigs or go after the fish after a bite.
According to our most recent information, a brutally large carp was recently caught in Siófok, about which we will soon provide a detailed description and pictures.

24.04.2024 9:30 pm
In the morning, the competitors were greeted by a second level storm warning in all three basins, and in addition, it was accompanied by persistent rain.

The teams cannot work on the last equipment pulled in last night for refreshing and playing. If there’s a bite they can only play from the shore.
Based on the official information of the National Meteorological Service, the weather will moderate in the early afternoon and a first level storm warning is expected in the eastern, western and central basins.

Until our next update, we bring you some pictures of yesterday’s 21.50 kg catch from PEG 44, by ECO CARP MIKBAITS: