Czechs won the Adventer & fishing Xth International Carp Cup!

Czechs won the Adventer & fishing Xth International Carp Cup! The winning team fished near the Sajkodi Bay, where the world’s largest carp fishing competition took place. The largest fish of the competition, setting a new record on Lake Balaton, was caught by a Hungarian team in Siófok.

Teams from 25 countries participated in the jubilee IBCC, with 300 teams in total. The competition lasted for over a week, and the competitors caught over 15 tons of carp weighing over 10 kilograms, with an average weight of 13.64 kilograms. The anglers faced extremely varied weather, with stormy winds and strong cooling, but still managed to catch magnificent fish. The largest catch, caught by the Akvariusz team in Siófok, turned out to be the largest carp ever caught from Lake Balaton, verified by official weighing. Interestingly, this fish was caught for the third time in the history of the competition: in 2019 weighing 24 kg, in 2022 weighing 32 kg, and now with a weight of 35.6 kilograms.

The winning Czech team, Carpsonbaits 2, secured first place with 31 eligible catches and a total catch of 427 kilograms, fishing at the MOHOSZ farm near Tihany. The second place went to the Czech team Nikl & Carp’R’us 2, with 386 kilograms, and the third place was taken by a Hungarian team, Carpsoul, with a total catch of 263 kilograms. The event attracted enormous interest both on television and online, with hundreds of thousands of viewers tuning in live every evening through the live television broadcast from the venue.