IBCC Day 5 – Minute by Minute

2024.04.25 18:30

Thanks to today’s sunny weather, the teams were able to tidy up their camps and dry out the soaked equipment. However, from a fishing perspective, several types of situations have emerged. In sectors where teams are fishing, there is a significant variation in the size and quantity of carp present. Some teams continue to catch few but sizeable fish, while in other areas, bites are frequent but fewer fish exceed or reach the 10-kilogram mark. Therefore, selective fishing remains their primary challenge.

Despite this, we were once again able to capture some beautiful fish on camera, a few of which you can see here:

25.04.2024 9:00 am

This morning, fortunately, the storm warning equipment is not active in any of the three pools, and the teams can see mirror water in some places, which greatly affected the accuracy of pulling in. However, according to our information, with the calmer weather, small carp also appeared at the feedings.
Of course, the incoming calls also contain the real big carp, our crews are already on their way to capture these old creatures.

In the meantime, we have brought you a few pictures from yesterday. Looking at them gives you a little insight into the most exciting details of the competition: