IBCC 2024 Day 3 – Minute by Minute

23.04.2024 18:00PM

A lot of exciting things happened in the afternoon as well, the teams caught several carp weighing between 15 and 20 kilograms in all three basins, so the course of the competition was changed by multiple teams today. It is true that we are still at the very beginning, but if the days go on like this, it is almost certain that we can expect a competition with really big fish.

Currently, the teams can go on the water in the western, central and eastern basins of Balaton – but the first level storm warning can change at any time, and the second level warning can be announced.

The teams must discuss important tactical and strategic questions and steps, since they cannot go on the water in the second level, so they must be prepared for the evening.

Our minute-by-minute posts will continue tomorrow morning, in the meantime, follow us on our social media pages, as we will be posting countless pictures and videos!

23.04.2024 12:30 AM
At noon, we received the information and pictures from our crews on the southern coast that two carp over 20 in the Senzor Planet sector were weighed by the marshals.

The weather is still changeable, the waves are raging in the western and central basin, and a second level storm warning is in effect!

23.04.2024 9:00
In the early hours of the morning, the teams were alerted to a second level storm warning in the entire area of ​​Lake Balaton, so they had to stay  on the shore with their boats. They were not able to go to the end rigs brought in during the evening updates, and predictably in the morning hours, apart from the eastern basin, they will still not be able to work from a boat in the other two basins. Beautiful carp were again caught on both coasts, several of which were over 20 kilograms.
Based on the official forecasts of the National Meteorological Service, a first level storm signal is expected in all three basins around 11:00.