Registration appointment

Making appointments online for registration at the venue

Registration takes place within the area of Hotel Club Tihany at the outdoor registration points to avoid long lines and minimize face-to-face contacts. The registration goes according to the appointments made in advance.

To register personally, you need to choose one of the available appointments after filling in the online form. Competitors are obliged to appear at the venue at the time they have chosen.

Personal registration is open on 19.04.2024, and 20.04.2024. Only in this way can we minimize face-to-face contacts and, at the same time, ensure smooth registration.

We advise the teams to choose from these options as soon as possible. The list of online appointments will be published on the official website. There can be no departure from this list.

One team can make one appointment. Appointments cannot be modified.

Making appointments:

  • Open in your browser.
  • Click the date when you are going to arrive for the registration
  • Fill in all the data fields appearing on the screen (team name, team leader’s name, email address). It is compulsory to fill in all fields, otherwise the system does not allow you to make a valid appointment.
  • In the pop up menu (ARRIVAL TIME), choose the timespan which guarantees that you will be able to appear for personal registration at the venue.
    If you see an inactive appointment (ALL BUSY), it means that the number of appointments we can accept in that timespan, is full. In this case, please choose one of the other appointments.
  • After the registration, click on SUBMIT. Your browser will direct you to a new page, where you can see the list of all the teams who have already registered, and also your name.


All teams must choose a time in the timeframe provided by the organisers. Failing to do so or not arriving at the time chosen will result in extra administrative costs in the amount of EUR 200.


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