Registration starts!

After the registration of the teams with a priority registration, as of 15th August 2022 new teams can also register for the IBCC 2023. From now on any team can apply for a spot in the competition – up to the quotas set out for each country – which accepts and fulfils the conditions set out in the competition rules of the IBCC. The list of the teams already registered is HERE. The IX. IBCC will begin on the 22nd April 2023 on Saturday, not as usual on Sunday and will finish on the 28th April 2023, on Friday. The GPS tracking system introduced at the IBCC 2022 will follow the teams’ movements on the water in the next competition, too, but it is a novelty that the draw will return to the usual procedures, thus no second draw will be possible and the competitors must fish from the first peg drawn by them.