Not only the water, but also observe the sky! – Péter Besenyei is flying on the opening day of the X. Adventer & fishing IBCC

Fresh and special news that at the opening event of the International Balaton Carp Cup in April, Péter Besenyei, an aerobatic pilot, will perform an aerial show, who is not only an active but also a successful angler.

Péter Besenyei has been flying since the age of fifteen and has been a professional pilot for twenty-two years. He has spent 7000 hours in the air on various aircraft types. At the age of twenty, he participated in his first competition with a glider, where he finished second. In his first international aerobatic competition in 1982 at the Austrian National Championship, he won every discipline. Since then, he has been the most successful Hungarian pilot in all world and continental championships.

One of the favorite leisure sports of the aerobatic champion is fishing. He has been fishing for over 60 years, familiar with both domestic and international waters. He has caught trophy catfish and even sharks weighing over 100 kilograms. On one occasion, he caught a 28-kilogram carp from the Ráckevei-Soroksári Danube, becoming the national record holder for the year.

In light of the above, it’s a double joy for the organizers and participants of the X. Adventer & fishing IBBC that we can count on the popular pilot.

We still have to wait until spring 2024 for the next IBCC, as the competition will start on April 21, 2024.