IBCC 2023 – Day 2 – Minute by minute

Follow the events of the Adventer & fishing IX. IBCC minute by minute. We’ll be reporting the details of the competition on our website. We’ll be near the most important events and then from 22th April, we’ll provide live broadcast during the period of the competition from our studio on the site!

The second day of the competition unfortunately starts with a yellow card warning. HAL-VILAG GYOR, fishing on PEG 44, left their sector. We ask all teams to watch their buoys, or use the GPS for exact navigation. The night was very exciting, we will be bringing multiple catches over 20 kg!

We do not dare guess what the complete catch will be at the end of the competition. In the night and in the morning the phones of the marshals were ringing off the hook, we got news of lots of catches. We are well over 3 tons. The biggest fish is a common carp of 28.25 kg, caught by Munch Baits Polska at Balatonszentgyörgy – Erdő. There are 42 fish over 15 kg, less than 24 hours after the start of the competition.

Unfortunately there is another yellow card warning. The Pamburo carp baits, fishing on PEG 10, left their sector by quite a bit. We investigate such cases before giving a penalty, because there could be a factor, a problem that makes the penalty less severe, but here we didn’t find such a factor. The team is not allowed to fish for the next 12 hours.

Almost 30!  Today two fish of almost 30 kg were caught! Team RENMAR, fihing at spot 77 couold bag a perfect Balaton common carp of 29.28 kg. They have the biggest fish of the competition sp far. Don’t forget all the competitors, we sill soon reach a total catch of 5 tons. Congratulations to the teams, keep going!