Are you looking for accommodation and food options for the IBCC?

Dear Competitors!

Are you looking for accommodation and food options for the IBCC? You have already found it!

Spring is almost upon us and so is also the start of the XI. IBCC International Balaton Carp Cup! Whether you arrive as a competitor, an enthusiastic fan or you are simply interested in the competition held between 22 and 28 April 2023, one thing is for sure, the competition is going to be a really big one, again.

I bet that as an angler you already picture yourself with huge carps hooked on – yes, in the last years really huge specimens have been landed – and you also think about the methods and tricks with which you will be able to catch them as well as how you prepare the right equipment for this adventure.

In addition to the professional preparations however, it is well worth to think in advance about a good accommodation and good food, eating possibilities for this seven-day program.

The Hethland VSZ Üdülő resort right next to the IBCC headquarters (Zamárdi, Kiss Ernő utca 3.) offers its quality rooms for discounted, pre-season prices even before and after the competition. The prices do not include food, but of course the restaurant Ferde Fenyő Étterem is happy to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner for everyone.

Check out our website and the possibilities we can offer you: https://hethland.hu/galeria/

And if that would not be enough already…

As a competitor it could be especially useful, if you do not only arrive for the competition, but before it, to “map out the terrain”, so to say. Our resort with its own shore provides an excellent opportunity to get ready for the competition, with boilies or feeder fishing methods, for up to 8-10 persons. You can try out the techniques you think will work best and by the way you can also rest undisturbed, even with your family or friends coming with you.

If you are interested, book your accommodation with us for the IBCC or in our pre-season with our Fishing sale between 20 April and 31 May, starting from HUF 9000/person/night!

For further information please contact us at:

📞 +36 30 373 3437

📧 recepcio.hethland@gmail.com