Ultimate Products is the sector sponsor of the Xth Adventer& fishing IBBC

The Ultimate Products company was established in 2013 and is a dynamically developing Polish manufacturer of the highest quality carp baits . The owner of the company is Marcin Mizera – a real enthusiast, active carp fisherman and a significant figure of the Polish carp scene. He gained his knowledge in the field of boilies production in England, where he lived for a long time. Years spent in England have resulted in huge experience, thanks to which The Ultimate products are created.The offer includes boilies, wafters, pellets, dips, liquid foods, flavors and other carp delicacies. All recipes are the original idea of the owner of the company, who carefully selects individual components combining them into a whole. It is extremely important that Ultimate Products lures are created with passion by a carp fisherman for carp anglers. The highest quality components are used for their production, which makes them a full-fledged food for carp.Getting as close as possible to natural food is the philosophy of creating Ultimate Products. The result is every year created, excellent series of boilies , which are eagerly used by a large group of carp anglers. They proved their effectiveness, among others, on large dams, such as Lac de Madine.In 2016, we made a milestone in development. As one of the few companies in Poland, we have established cooperation with a licensed recipient of Haith’s® components awarded as “Approved Bait Firm”. Accessories such as Robin Red, Robin Orange, Robin Gold and Robin Green are true legends among carp components. In addition, you will find a whole bunch of other excellent additives in the products. Cooperation with such a famous company takes our products to an even higher level.The Ultimate Products is a company widely operating throughout Poland and beyond. In its ranks it has a large group of team members, consultants and testers who test every product in waters all over Europe before introducing it to the offer. Only proven and 100% refined products go on sale.Passion for carping, lots of heart inserted, the best ingredients and experience – this is the secret of creating the highest quality boilies for true carp fishing enthusiasts!

We wish you to break the rods and see you by the water!