Prepare yourself!

The world’s biggest carp angling competition continues
Prepare yourself! Registration for the spring IBCC starts soon!

Between the 22nd and the 28th of April 2023 already the IX. International Balaton Carp Cup will be held on Lake Balaton.  

The most important rules remain the same:
–       140 hours of competition time
–       Only carps over 5 kg count
–       Maximum 250 teams
–       One team can consist of 3 anglers and 1 helper
–       4 rods per team are allowed
–       GPS monitoring of the boat movements

The registration fee is EUR 1650, with a payment deadline of 5 days. The registrations will take place in several rounds.
The teams participating in the 2022 edition will have priority. They can register based on an invitation between 1st and 15th of August.  The invitation will be sent to the team member No. 1 of the team participating in the 2022 IBCC per e-mail.

As of 15th of August anyone can register for the empty spots, up to the quotas set for the individual countries.

On the 16th of December the competition committee will be able to lift the quota limits and thus also teams on the waiting list will have the possibility to enter the competition.

Register on time! Participate in this great boilie challenge with total prizes of more than EUR 150,000!