Mikbaits is the sector sponsor of the Xth Adventer & fishing IBCC

Mikbaits – the quality brings success

The company was founded by a well-known angler and publicist, Michal Kučera, in 2005. It became very quickly one of the biggest Czech based carp fishing companies. The company’s popularity and reputation grew on the domestic market, in Slovakia, Hungary and other countries, and step by step it became one of the largest and most prestigious fishing brands in Central Europe. The primary goal and motto is the quality of products and satisfied customers. That is why they use the highest quality ingredients from all over the world. The boilie is being manufactured by original procedures, which allows to create very unique and specific boilie, which is not possible on big modern automatic machines. This is the reason, why their boilie became legendary. You can find more than 30 different boilies in their offer. Some of them are special manufactured to be selective and to attract the biggest carp mainly, but on the other hand, you can find very attractive and dissolving boilies to be used on short term trips or competitions. Mikbaits offer contains not only boilie, but the whole range for carp fishing like dips, boosters, pastes, pop-ups, pellets, ingredients, feeder and method feeder products. Competitors using Mikbaits products are also extremely successful in regional and international carp fishing competitions. Also IBCC results are usually very strong. 2017 – 3rd place, 2018 – 2nd place, 2020 – 1st place and 1st place in Top5, 2021 – 2nd place, 2022 – Biggest mirror.

News 2024 – for the new season we have prepared NutraKRILL boilie, which contains an extreme amount of natural ingredients including 30% krill. Another new addition is the CHILLI CHIPS range, which is a very attractive boilie for fast catching. We have also prepared many new products for the feeder and special products for catching fish such as sturgeon, grass carp or catfish. All our products can now be found on the website www.mikbaits.com.