Jetfish is a sector sponsor of the 10th Adventer & fishing IBCC

Jet Fish was established in 1990 as a producer of boilies, hook-baits and fish food. Since the very beginning we focus on the highest quality such as HNV boilies for example. Our Biosquid, Biokrab and Biokrill products are popular and successful all over Europe. We put great emphasis on the quality of the ingredients and first-rate production processes. Our boilies are based on top-class ingredients and we boil them in steam to preserve the quality to the utmost. In the course of time our baits became very successful and attract a huge amount of clients all around the continent. Currently we export to several European countries and produce about 1000 top-quality items such as boilies, pellets, boosters, dips, special boilies, pop-ups, method mixes etc. At present we make about 2 tons of boilies per day and therefore we are the biggest boilie producer in the Czech Republic. Our best range of baits are Premium, Suprafish, Mystery and Legeng range. We also run the private lake Hejlov, a renowned Czech venue, with an impressive stock of big carps. I believe you will also find products to suit your needs best and will become our satisfied customers. Jarda Tesinsky