IBCC 2023 – Day 3 – Minute by minute

Follow the events of the Adventer & fishing IX. IBCC minute by minute. We’ll be reporting the details of the competition on our website. We’ll be near the most important events and then from 22th April, we’ll provide live broadcast during the period of the competition from our studio on the site!

The teams are really going by the third morning of the Adventer & fishing IX. IBCC.
Our marshals have weighed an amazing amount of fish, we are close to a total catch of 13 tons. On this day, Balaton gave us 8 carp over 20 kg, and 48 carp over 15 kg. There is a new mirror carp record as well, the J.F.P. team caught a 27.07 kg mirror carp.

Cereal Boilies is proud to have caught the first fish over 30 kg at the Adventer & fishing IX. IBCC. The weight of this perfect common carp is 30.70 kg. According to our data, this was the team’s first bite, and the first catch in this competition. Two years ago, in 2021 the same team caught the biggest fish, their catch then was a mirror carp of 30.15 kg.

We have crossed the total catch of 15 tons! 206 teams can boast a measurable catch, there have been 1596 carp over 5 kg. The cold front that arrived in the morning with rain was really good for the biting of the big fish, since today, already 5 fish over 20 kg have shown themselves. Results: https://contest.fishinda.com/2023

Dear competitors! Currently there is a storm warning for the entire Balaton area, in all three basins. For those teams whose sector boundary on the water is more than 500 meters away, you may not go over 500 meters with your boat as long as there is a storm warning. Simply put: every team can go up to 500 meters with their boats. Please keep watching your storm warning devices, or the Tavihar app. Take care of your safety!

Our crews worked well today, they bring us very exciting materials for the show at 8 pm. tonight. Currently our results are as follows:

1. Tropic Fishing Mivardi CZ – 449.35kg


3. Bait Bait Kaiser CT – 364.15 kg

Our Top 5  competition leaders changed multiple times today, the current results are:

1. Team RENMAR – 106.71 kg

2. Bait Bait Kaiser CT – 101.23 kg

3. Nikl & Carp´R´Us & Habakuk – 98.67 kg

You can follow our results on our website, we are continuously updating the data: https://contest.fishinda.com/2023

Our live broadcast starts at 20:00 in which we’ll show you the most exciting events that happened today for nearly 1,5 hours. Our live broadcast is available here: Fishing and Hunting channel, facebook page and IBCC website!

That didn’t take long! We getting close to 20 tons of total catch! 216 teams have caught measurable fish, the average catch of the teams is almost 10 kg. We have weighed 22 fish over 20 kg, and 149 fish over 15 kg. It’s almost certain that tonight will also not be calm, fish will show up in nice numbers.