BETA-MIX as Sector sponsor


Because with us you can catch 2x as many fish!

But why exactly?

Because we do not only say that our products are catchy, but we also actually prove it year after year in rivers and lakes under the most extreme weather conditions. With our products you can catch 2 x as many fish and you will have more success, if you choose us, because in addition to several dozens of podium places in Hungarian and international competitions and many personal bests, in 2018 our factory team broke the world record with 3140 kg of fish caught within 96 hours!

The basis for these results, our BETA-MIX product exclusively used in competition with “secret” and unique recipes is now available to hobby anglers in our countrywide commercial network and in our webshop.

Who are we?

We are a company from Eastern-Hungary, from Újfehértó and we have been producing up to 2000 kg of products with active innovation and protected know-how with the so-called DU-EX technology for 15 years. Contract manufacturing is also a part of our business policy. Thanks to our special production we guarantee a digestibility of over 90 %. Due to the abovementioned, as well as the premium ingredients without preservatives, we reduce the intestinal transit time of the fish and in optimal water temperature the fish can digest our BEAT-MIX products within 2-3 hours and thus the fish will want to eat again! That means, with our baits made of natural ingredients the fish can be caught more than once. And thus, the double catching success is guaranteed for our sports friends.

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Try out our BETA-MIX and your net will not remain empty!