Specimen Baits is the sector sponsor of the Xth Adventer & fishing IBCC

Specimen Baits was founded in 2004 and we have produced the highest quality carp baits available ever since. Actually we started rolling our own boilies allready around 1990. At that time good commercial carp baits were a rarity. Carp anglers had no other choice than making their own baits.
This knowledge and experience made the foundation for our company.

When developing baits our main focus is attraction and nutrition. We believe that carps will prefer a highly nutritious bait over anything else.

We use only the best possible ingredients, and our baits have the highest possible content of water-soluble and hydrolyzed ingredients.

Our mission is to help carp anglers increase their catches by producing and supplying the best boilies and baits available. Hence our slogan:
More bites

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