Mikado as Sector sponsor

Mikado is a brand founded in 1989 through passion for angling. Since the very beginning, dealing initially with importing and later on with manufacturing and distribution of an angling equipment, we played a key role in the shaping process of the Polish angling market.   
Today we are a strong, international brand with a well-established position. For many years now we keep expanding to new markets all-over the Europe. The key to continuous growth of the Mikado brand is our close relationship with customers that, along with the experience of our employees, make the Mikado-branded gear exceed expectations and requirements of modern anglers. Our offer is being brought to life by a strong Product Management team that – through cooperation with engineers of the World’s top brands like Fuji, Sea Guide or Toray, designs the more and more innovative angling equipment that is based on the most advanced modern technologies.             
Our brand does not follow new trends; Mikado creates them!