IBCC 2024 Day 2 – Minute by Minute

22.04.2024 19:00 PM

Today’s afternoon was not uneventful either, our crews constantly visited the teams. Several catches exceeding 20 kilograms were made after the first 30+ catch. The weather is very kind and we hope that it will last a little longer.
At the moment, the storm warning equipment is still in the basic position in all three basins, so the teams can start the night with fresh equipment and bait!

Of course, we will also be live on Fishing and Hunting today at 20:00! Come watch us there! Tomorrow morning, our minute-by-minute column will continue again!

22.04.2024 14:30

Boom! Incredible moments on the second day of the Adventer & fishing X. International Balaton Carp Cup! At PEG 284, the Mikbaits Rebels team caught a 30.10 kg carp, at the Balatonakali – Káptalanfüred beach!!


The weather also started to show its less capricious face, so the teams started the afternoon in all three Balaton basins without a storm signal.
If this is also the case for the next few days, we can expect some huge carp.

22.04.2024 10:30 AM
On the morning of the second day of the competition, the teams woke up to a first level storm signal in all three basins, so they could start refreshing after the second level warning at night.


Several teams can already boast of catches, which we will continuously announce on our social media pages. Our page is constantly updated minute by minute, we will soon bring you new, interesting things.