Trakker products on IBCC 2022. 

It is now 4th year of Trakker Products proudly supporting IBCC. It is also the 5th year since we have made the decision to open European Headquarters in Malacky, Slovakia. And we have managed to move a long way ever since we opened. We are currently moving into new exciting phase for further expansion withing the EU territory. Since the very early days in 1983, we have always been Sheffield, UK based company that grew into its current form thru constant development and innovation as well as manufacturing excellence. And as the company got stronger and stronger every year and grew at a high pace, move to continental Europe was a logical step. And it is not just the distribution itself, but also a move in product development towards the continental anglers. The ethos of our brand remains, to deliver innovative and high quality products that will allow anglers allow to focus on fishing itself and keep them in comfort. But we are now applying our knowledge to development of more products suited for the continent – taller, stronger, bigger – is the main aim with such products as our flagship Tempest 150 bivvy and colossal Tempest 200. Other categories are receiving upgrades of our bestselling products in this theme as well and there is much more to come in the future as well as big developments in fabric technology! And to attend such an event as IBCC is important for us also to understand better needs of continental anglers on such a magnificent venue as Lake Balaton. There is more products with continental anglers in mind to come in very near future! 

Big news are one of our sisters companies – Cygnet tackle – rapidly expanding it´s portfolio of product in well priced segment of Luggage, carp care, Beds & Chairs and Shelters. And not just that, but also moving into Terminal Tackle category with very competitive – high quality products that are well priced under out unique 5 for 4 offer. 

We are also actively looking for new business partners in continental Europe, so if you are interested in cooperation with us, please contact us at 

Together with our team we wish  you all the best of times here on IBCC 2022 and be lucky! 

Jan Dadak 

CEO/ Head of European operations

Cipher Europe s.r.o.