The Fishing and Hunting Channel


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About the channel


The Fishing & Hunting Channel is the only localized fishing and hunting TV-channel in Central-Europe.

With the first fishing and hunting channel in Hungary you can live the excitement of hunting or relax while fishing, also in front of your TV screen.

Available in 9 countries, in 5 languages

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

In HD quality

In more than 23 million households

What exactly can you see if you choose us?

In our exciting series, shot in wonderful spots, we introduce you ­– with the help of our Hungarian and foreign experts – to the enigmatic world of fishing and hunting. We show you fun fishing and hunting trips, the most diverse fishing practices, competition highlights as well as interesting gastronomical adventures to round up our program offer.

We broadcast our programs in excellent picture and sound quality, with a reduced number of repetitions, with proofreading, because we know that for you content, visuals, experience and professionalism are inseparable requirements. The Fishing & Hunting is available in 9 countries of Central-Europe, running with great success on the cable channels in several millions of households.

Our mission is to have more and more people experience the magic of these sports close to nature with the help of our programs. Our fishing and hunting communities can do a lot together to keep our waters and forests beautiful!