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Founded in 2008, Sonik Sports emerged from the shared passion and deep industry insight of a group of enthusiastic anglers. The company’s main operational base, including its head office and primary distribution center, is situated in Northumberland, UK.

Sonik Sports has significantly expanded its operations across Europe, evidenced by its substantial presence and the establishment of a secondary distribution center near Prague in the Czech Republic. This facility serves to efficiently support its growing network of European dealers.

Today, Sonik boasts a network of over 900 dealers globally, establishing itself as a prominent and leading manufacturer in the carp fishing industry. Renowned for delivering both high performance and value for money, Sonik’s product lineup, featuring well-known brands such as Xtractor, Tournos, SK-TEK, VaderX, and Gizmo, enjoys widespread recognition and use among carp anglers worldwide.

Sonik’s expertise, however, extends beyond carp fishing. The company also produces a diverse range of high-quality sea, coarse, and spinning fishing equipment, including rods, reels, and accessories. Committed to broadening its offerings in these areas, Sonik ensures that every product in its ever-expanding range is crafted with the angler in mind. This approach guarantees total customer satisfaction, underscoring Sonik’s dedication to quality and performance in every aspect of its product development.