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SEDO Fishing – Catching the biggest carp and releasing them unharmed for the next generation!

Before introducing our products, SEDO Fishing and its team extensively tested every hook, piece of tackle, and line for a long time. We fished with them in every season, at every imaginable water temperature, and water depth where carp can be found. Afterward, we can confidently say that with SEDO – Intelligent Fishing Tackle, we always find a solution to stalking big carp, even if it’s just for a wonderful photo opportunity!

When fishing with SEDO Fishing products, you won’t find yourself facing any current problems that cannot be solved at the water’s edge. Our end tackle and their variability options allow us to capture the Big One, the fish of our lives.

With our range, we aim to meet the needs of modern and thoughtful carp anglers. Our wide selection of accessories, hook types, and lines cater to Feeder, Method Feeder, and Boilie anglers, offering a vast range of options and a reliable product palette for those continuously experimenting, “Specimen Hunters,” and anglers targeting the largest carp.

Our products also assist sophisticated carp anglers who continually observe fish behavior, want to adapt, and are willing to adjust to changing conditions. The type and use of end tackle seem endless, and new solutions often arise to help us succeed. We are continuously evolving and applying new techniques, which, if successful in our fishing, become part of our product range and are available to anglers as well.

Carp fishing is diverse, whether in the open waters with fallen trees, densely overgrown waters with aquatic vegetation, deep quarry lakes, or small ponds—basically, everywhere our target fish resides. But the goal remains the same everywhere: catching the largest carp and releasing them unharmed. In the process, we enjoy nature and take care of it, ensuring that this wonderful passion is available for the next generation.

SEDO – Intelligent Fishing Tackle not only aims for catching and preserving the biggest carp but also focuses on nature conservation, contributing to the creation of a sustainable future.

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