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Website: https://mikbaits.cz/


Michal Kučera, owner and director of Mikbaits, presents the new boilie ManiaQ – Salted Herring.

ManiaQ – Salted Herring is very attractive boilie with the strongest and the most natural taste, we have ever produced. Creating that boilie, we pushed on diversity, strong natural taste and immediate effectiveness, keeping it solid enough. It contains as much natural ingredients, as possible. Many of those may never have been used in manufacture of the boilie before. It contains the fish meat from Salted Herrings, Anchovies, enzymatic soluble fish meals, krill, kelp, chilli, Robin Red, GLM extract, liver extracts, Belachan and other top class ingredients… It doesn´t contain not even 1 g of volume ingredients, such as semolina, soya etc. Also the used liquid components are the best you can find, such as Salted fish protein L030, Salted Herring oil, or concentrates from Anchovies and Salted Herrings. Most of those ingredients are not for standard sale and we use it only for production of this boilie, so it remains so unique. Despite the Salted herring boilie is solid enough, similar to Gangster and Fanatica, it works almost immediately after throwing into the water, because of natural food signals. Basically, one doesn´t need to wait for fish to get to use to it. While testing, it sometimes happened, we had the runs just minutes after throwing into the water and often from very big carp. Many of our testers have landed their personal bests using that boilie. My PB was the first fishing with that boilie and it was increased by more than 6 kg, by carp over 31 kg from Czech public water. It also brings many runs from middle range of carp, which is great for competition like IBCC, where we successfully used it last year. It was also very effective on other different types of waters. So, in the end, it can be used basically everywhere, all-year round, also in very low water temperature. It works with small amount of bait, but from our experience, the more you bait, the better, faster and more effective it is.

If you find for solid boilie, but still very attractive and catchy, you can stop finding now. 

Ingredients: Fish and enzymatic meals 36 %, attractants 26,5 %, bird foods 18 %, milk and egg proteins 15 %, natural powder extracts 4,5 %, Ultra flavours, liquid foods, essential oils, fish meat, feed stimulants, liquid preservative, fresh eggs.