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Sector: CARP’R’US


The company Carp´R´Us was established in the early 90 ´s in Suffolk, in England and has undergone many changes in its existence. However, her philosophy of helping carp anglers on the path to their dreams remained unchanged. The same idea is also the driving force of whole Carp´R ´Us, thanks to which it brings innovations, new products to the market, teaches anglers how to use them properly and helps them get an unforgettable experience using them.

In the Carp´R´Us brand portfolio you will find only the highest quality products, and high quality goes hand in hand with great results. One of the best proof is the huge number of recognized fishermen who have absolute confidence in our products.

High quality, carp tackle and other products are only half of the battle in carp fishing! Carp´R´Us has been combining „the best with the best“ for several years. What could be better than the products what helped win the WCC title or top positions at the IBCC? Carp´R´Us teams that works closely to the NIKL brand regularly achieve great results in the European competition field. Hundreds of giant carps and dozen of competitions won, in an extraordinary combination of Carp´R´Us tackle and NIKL products speak for themselves!