Booking Fish



The Bookingfish booking system has been operating continuously since 2015. The idea of ​​creating the system was born during my trips around Europe. I needed a tool for a simple and quick search for fisheries. The problems with booking, no telephone contact with the fishery, the need to write or call for the trip confirmation – all these difficulties I was experiencing, gave me an idea to create an ideal tool – for an angler.   And today:

We cooperate and promote the best carp fisheries in Europe (Hungary, Poland,  Italy, France, Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Lithuania, Spain, Romania). We connect anglers looking for trips with the owners of fisheries. Our flagship project is the reactivation and continuous development of one of the most beautiful and oldest Polish carp fisheries – the Wygonin located in the center of the Tuchola Forest, with an area of ​​almost 70ha and a depth of over 20m.

The system allows you to quickly search, book, pay and confirm a reservation at a selected fishery, group trip, boat charter, stay in a fishing base or hire a guide. Everything you need is available in one place and from any device.

Our plans for the next few years include increasing the number of carp fisheries available in the system, extending the offer to fisheries on other continents, continuous development and improvement of the system to simplify the booking process as much as possible. The system is constantly evolving, every day we are adding new fisheries, new facilities, new guides and experts.

Everything we do, we do for you!

Arkadiusz Kraszewski