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Fishing Mall store was opened in September 2018 in Bucharest, Theodor Pallady Bld no.51N, is part of the same group of companies, Tematic Media Group, together with Fishing & Hunting Channel. This thing for all of us is just a confirmation of the fact that it is a large project that proposes evolution and stability in everything that means retail trading activity.

Fishing Mall Project!

 The area chosen for carrying out the activity is located in the enclosure of Pallady Arcade Commercial Gallery, place where once you have arrived, you have the comfort of a parking place at discretion, you have access to the possibility to do other shopping for you and your family. It can be reached from any point from Bucharest because there is a subway in the immediate vicinity.

With an area of ​​350 sqm, the store provides you with the necessary things for fishing, in a controlled variety. Here you find what you need for a fishing game from the brands we collaborate with. The distributors’ offer being extremely large we chose to exhibit and sell things that we consider to be effective in a fisherman’s luggage. That does not mean that other products are, weaker or inappropriate, just that we do not want to become a bazaar shop where you can find everything from all manufacturers.

 Products are assessed by our team of consultants on common profitability criteria, both for you and for the store. The quality vs. price ratio and the financial availability of most fishermen are basic elements because otherwise we could have founded a store with exhibits that no one can afford. That’s not the point!

We have products addressed to fishermen with a normal average purchase budget, we are in the forefront of expanding our portfolio of exclusive products for the most demanding ones.

Brands marketed in stores are Fox, Daiwa, Prologic, Okuma, Carp Spirit, Trabucco, Mivardi, Ngt, Carp Expert, Cralusso, Benzar Mix, Energo Team, Leech, Bearcreeks, Berti, Shimano, Nash Tackle, Solar Tackle, PLine, Gemini and more …

Fishing Mall prices are almost in perfect balance with the prices of all the stores in the country. But we will always have bonuses rewarding your effort with small discounts or gifts as we have accustomed you before.

In September 2019, we shall open ourselves also to the online environment by opening a Fishing Mall webshop where you can shop quickly and without traveling. The store will operate in Oradea and will deliver both in Romania and in other countries from Europe. We will have a warehouse of 600 sqm in the first phase where we will immobilize stocks of products available for delivery. There will be no other form of purchase than from our own stock while choosing to offer you only products that can leave directly to you.

Specialized consultancy is provided by the FishingMall team members for carp and for spinning fishermen with many hours spent on the boat or on the shore, fishing pike, zander, perch or bass with all kinds of lures.