IBCC 2024 – Day 1, minute by minute

21.04.2024 – 10:00 AM

Attention teams!

According to the National Meteorological Service, the second level storm warning will end at approximately noon! We ask all teams to pay close attention to storm warning equipment and the Tavihar app!

However, based on preliminary information, the second level storm warning will return in the evening hours!

21.04.2021 13:45 PM

The competition started at midday and the official OMSZ forecasts came true with a first level storm warning for all three basins, East, Central and West. This allowed the teams to start setting GPS points and fishing!

21.04.2024 20:00 PM

Shortly after the start of the competition, we received the first announcement that at PEG 285, the Nikl & Carp’R’Us Team 2 caught the first carp of the competition, which weighed more than 17 kilograms.

Not long after that we received a phone call saying that we had the first catch of the Adventer & fishing X. International Balaton Carp Cup that was over 25 kg. Our crews set off to capture these amazing moments.

After the official weighing, the scale showed 26.20 kg. PEG 33 – V Fishing By Vera team managed to catch this carp, so they started the anniversary competition with a very strong start!