TB baits


Website: https://www.tbbaits.com/

TB Baits introduction

TB Baits is a new brand of the Tomáš Blažek & Friends brand founded by the well-known carp angler Tomáš Blažek. TB Baits focuses on its own production and development of carp baits. The original products of the brand were specially focused on trophy carp fishing. Today, the product range is expanded to include products for all situations, both short and long trips. In the portfolio of this brand you will find a complete range of products for carp fishing. From classic boilie, hard, balanced, boostered and pop up boilie, pellets, to stick mixes, dips, boosters to raw materials such as various flours, attractors and essences. Dozens of over 20 kg of carp were caught on TB Baits products throughout Europe. Waters such as Lac du Der, Lac De Saint Cassien, Lac de Madine, Rhône, Elbe, Lake Novomlynska are no exception.