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Another fishing season has begun. New fishing challenges that await each of us spark our imagination, with huge specimens, charming places and joint meetings with colleagues and friends of anglers. Charming clay ponds, large lakes and oxbow lakes will once again reveal their secrets to many of us. Many of you will participate in fishing competitions and compete for the highest trophies, and we will keep our fingers crossed for you by producing your favorite baits.

This year we have prepared many new things for you.

For carp anglers:

– READY Tiger Nut, super sweet, in several flavors. Pour the contents into the PVA and you’re done.

– In the FOCUS series you will find New, “sour” Passion Fruit & Lime; boilies, hooks, pop ups, biofluid.

– In the fast-acting “SPECTRUM” series, you will find a new product, the Black Mussel, a “meaty” bait full of natural proteins.

– In the “CHALLENGE” series we have prepared baits for the most demanding waters and the most cautious carps; Monster Crab and Salmon & Tuna, the products have been tested and confirmed their effectiveness in many waters in various places in Europe

We have been with you for over fifteen years, we have delivered and continue to deliver thousands of products so that you can use them to achieve new records.

Thank you for being with us.