Don Carp Lake


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Don Carp Lake, the “Empire of Fish,” opened its doors to Hungarian and international big game anglers in 2016, located in the small town of Bicske, just about ~40 kilometers from Budapest.

Thanks to its dynamic infrastructure development and the abundance of large, majestic carp, it is now internationally recognized and beloved among the big game fishing lakes nestled in the heart of Bicske.

This 28-hectare lake is inhabited by colossal-sized carp, hosting many over 20 or 25 kilograms in weight, making it home to these magnificent fish. But it’s not short of large predators either, as numerous pike over 15 kilograms also inhabit the lake!

Don Carp Lake features 22 fishing spots, each equipped with a wooden cabin. The basic amenities in these cabins include electricity, which is provided free of charge, a microwave oven, a small refrigerator, and three beds.

Large carp, a magnificent ecosystem, and a well-maintained environment await all our incoming guests!

Come and be a guest in the Empire of Fish; we warmly welcome everyone to Don Carp Lake.

With respect and best wishes for good health, Zoltán Beri, Lakekeeper