CCT Master



Among the premium products of CCT Master, you will find the ideal choice for every fishing technique. Whether you are into boilie fishing, feeder fishing, or prefer PVA bag fishing.

Among our products, in addition to the production of traditional and essential items, we are also renowned for our specialties, such as the 52 varieties of CCT Master Smoke, Betamino, Winter Smoke, Magic Droppes, or the 21 varieties of smoky pellets. We constantly bring innovation to our range with unique ideas, setting ourselves apart in the market.

Our boilies are crafted in perfect proportion, showcasing a harmonious blend of ingredients that have proven instrumental in catching numerous large carp, supporting our team and users in both rapid and long-term fishing with demonstrated optimal effectiveness.

Our pellets and small baits assist our feeder anglers in all conditions. Complemented by a wide range of vertical and horizontal products, the aim is to enhance the results of various fishing methods, creating visual and other sensory triggers.

Our products are exclusively made from premium materials and in excellent quality.