The 20 km long section from Balatonalmádi to the Tihanyi Hajóállomási sétány provided eventful and exciting events in the course of the history of the IBCC. A peculiarity of this sector, that the so called “tihanyi gödrös”, one of the biggest snags of Lake Balaton lies here, which is very rich in mussels and huge carps. It is a popular spot, the local anglers have good results here, even with casting fishing. Here we have the smallest geographical distance between the northern and the southern shores and a continuous ferry service. In 2019 the Trakker Team weighed a 26 kg carp in Alsóörs and that was the biggest fish that year and in 2021 in the unusual autumn competition the first 30 kg plus fish of the IBCC has been caught in Tihany. In 2022 Alsóörs was the surprise, because KerioBaits has won the VIII. IBCC from here.