This is considered one of the strongest sectors on the northern shore, where independently from whether it is spring or autumn, exceptional catches can be found. In 2020 the team Szepezdi Extrém Sportszövetség caught a 26.10 kg carp which seemed to be the biggest of the competition for a long time, until the biggest of the history of IBCC was caught on the southern shore in the last hour of the competition. But in addition to this the sector has seen many memorable playings and triumphs. The 23.6 kg carp caught by Tibor Tulipán in Révfülöp is e.g. unforgettable, since it was the biggest of the IBCC in 2015 and was put in the net in the very last minutes. In 2023 here in Pálköve the team Nikl & Carp´R´Us 3 won the competition with an absolute IBCC record.