Mikbaits sector

This is a typical southern shore swim. The Mikbaits sector extends from the Platán beach in Balatonboglár to Balatonszemes, Berzsenyi Dániel utca. The 20+ kg carps are not missing in this region either and thus everything is there for an excellent result in the spring. Looking back at previous competitions we can note that the total catch of the area is showing a constant growth. This sector is characterized by an abundance of mussels, which can make the carps stay here. Going in from the shore the water is shallow at around 1 m depth for several hundred meters, then at 400 m there is a significant drop parallel to the shoreline. There is plenty of possibility for fishing here, too and in the spring not only the deeper sections could bring exceptional results. Just like last year, when the Eastern basin was winning, now this very sector could have a chance.