The VI. International Balaton Carp Cup (IBCC), which is also considered as the biggest carp angling competition in the world, based on today’s decision made by the organizer Tematik-Kabel Kft., the fish management organization Balaton Fish Management Non-Profit Ltd., and The National Federation of Hungarian Anglers responsible also for international angling, after the undecided postponement due to the epidemiological situation, has been moved from the original spring date between April 19-25. 2020., once, to an autumn date between October 22-28. 2020.

CEO of the Ltd. Zsolt Szári said that, for the sake of angling, taking into consideration country image and angling tourism aspects, initiated by the organizer, a well-thought-out compromise has been made today, representing the interests of all anglers of Lake Balaton. Accordingly, the competition will be held in a way that the date of the competition does not affect the dates of other competitions, maintaining the opportunity of boat fishing, general fishing from the bank, and boilie fishing throughout the whole period of the event. He highlighted that from 2021 the series can continue with the usual date and the organizations in question, expectedly before this year’s competition, will enter into a comprehensive contract involving adequate safeguards for the next 5 years in order to enable the Ltd. to improve angling opportunities on the bank besides more fish stockings.

Radu Morar, the owner of the organizer company thanked for the opportunity of the agreement, and indicated that the 250 teams from 29 countries, which had previously applied for the competition, really want to take part in this year’s event, and therefore they hope that the travel bans will be gradually released. The overwhelming majority of the field thinks that Lake Balaton is a wonderful venue, so it is particularly pleasing that the presence of the competition in Hungary might be ensured in the long run too.

Dr Lajos Szűcs, the president of The National Federation of Hungarian Anglers, pointed out that Lake Balaton, the angling and tourism of the lake, is of utmost importance for the angling federation, and therefore in the future, as an organization performing public duties, together with the Balaton Fish Management Non-Profit Ltd., they will initiate a dialogue with the local governments in question related to the designation of pegs, their use according to the rules and their improvement, naturally, taking into consideration the interests of local communities.

To be continued on the autumn Balaton,

Budapest, 07.05.2020.

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