CCT Master


A real big fish swim with varying deck surfaces. Many great results have been achieved here already. The region of Siófok has the usual deck characteristics of the southern shore. Last year the team VMFISHING has caught the biggest carp of the history of the IBCC with 32,37 kg and they also had a 29 kg sepcimen, thus they won the TOP 5 competition. In 2019 the team of Szepezdi Extrémsport Szövetség has caught a carp weighing more than 24 kg. The abovementioned catches and placements have always been made on the so called Golden Shore (Aranypart) which was not at all liked by the competitors. It is also worth to mention the Lojzi DPH Carp Team, because they were the first team to catch three 20+ kg carps in one competition. They were fishing at that time in Siófok-Sóstó, on the Kanyar beach. A peculiarity of Balatonvilágos is that the second largest snag of Lake Balaton is here. All this means an abundance of possibilities as well as huge carps. The latter also applies to Balatonakarattya and Balatonkenese where the anglers of Lake Balaton have already caught specimens of over 30 kg and during the IBCCs we have seen many carps over 20 kg.