The X. Adventer & fishing IBCC coming back to Tihany

Dear Partner of the X. Adventer & fishing International Balaton Carp Cup, 

We are glad to inform you that the competition center of the X. Adventer & fishing International Balaton Carp Cup will be Hotel Club Tihany in Tihany. 

The Club Tihany prepared special offer for the accommodation for the teams and partners of the event. In case you are interested you can book the accommodation directly on the sites below. 

“The Club Tihany area does not offer camping facilities; it is strictly FORBIDDEN!”


ENG- https://clubtihany.hu/en/online-booking/hotel/?rnw_code=IBCC24

DE- https://clubtihany.hu/de/online-buchung/hotel/?rnw_code=IBCC24


ENG- https://clubtihany.hu/en/online-booking/bungalows/?rnw_code=IBCC24

DE- https://clubtihany.hu/de/online-buchung/bungalow/?rnw_code=IBCC24

Promotion code: IBCC24

On the registration, opening and closing days, there will be a possibility to eat hot, cooked food and a menu in the Levendula house. According to plans, the contestants will be able to eat the menu from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. In addition to these, the Foodtruck and tented buffet will also be available.