Trakker as sector sponsor

Trakker products on IBCC 2021.

World is now going thru a big phase of change. Basic things that were taken for granted in the past are becoming very important for a lot of people, who do revaluate their priorities. And one tendency we can see is that people are turning back to the nature more and more and the popularity of outdoor activities, including fishing, are experiencing big explosion of new people joining this beautiful sport or people who used to fish are coming back to it.

And as well as last year, we are again very proud to support IBCC 2021. Not just as an huge, but singular fishing event, but with its media coverage as a possibility to make fishing attractive to more people, who can thru fishing enjoy their time outdoors and find peace of mind in these turbulent times. And it is then up to us, Trakker Products, to provide anglers with innovative and high quality products, that will allow anglers to focus on fishing itself and keep them in comfort.

With undergoing development of bigger, taller and stronger concept for needs of session anglers, facing different challenges on big lakes and rivers of continental Europe, we have also managed to bring a major development in the fabric composition of our new Aquatexx EV, that has set a new benchmark with the hydrostatic head of 25 000 mm and passing the Bundesmann test method to prove its unmatched water repellency against all rivals. Future of bivvy technology is in materials used for their construction as we are looking for 10 long years for major construction improvement of our Tempest concept as still come back to the original design, that has proved to be the best we can find and that a lot of our competitors are trying to come close to, but not being able to improve the design, that has become an icon in 10 years since its launch.

As we are known for our innovations such as Tempest, Retention sling or Oval bed, in our expansion plan we are investing more then ever into the product development department, so that we can continue bringing products with unique and functional design, that will make fishing even more pleasurable to all our customers, who have put their faith into Trakker brand.

We also continue to look for new business partners in continental Europe, so if you are interested in cooperation with us, please contact us at

Together with our team we wish  you all the best of times here on IBCC 2021 and be lucky!

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