The Whole World Was Watching…

The Whole World Was Watching…


We knew that once we would have luck, we knew what Lake Balaton is capable of, we believed that we could make it, and the rest is history… It’s certain that the IV. IBCC will be one of the most notable events in the history of the competition. We still can’t believe that nearly 200 teams caught more than 51 tons of fish in 140 hours. What’s more, all the fish were over 5 kg! The event was followed by thousands of people, who were amazed by the magnificent carps living in “The Hungarian Sea”.

Literally the whole world was watching us. Viewers from more than 100 countries visited our website or followed our live broadcast. We tried to present the competition in the most various and exciting ways so that people in front of their smartphones could also feel that they were part of the miracle. Every night tens of thousands of people clicked on us, not just anglers. Here, we would like to thank you for your enthusiasm.

It may have become clear even for bystanders that organizing a competition like this requires tremendous work. Commercial fishing ceased to exist four years ago on Lake Balaton and the water is now strictly supervised. This care had a considerable effect on the event. It’s not a legend any more that Lake Balaton has a fantastic fish stock, as this time everyone could make certain that the water is full of giant carps. There were groups which couldn’t believe their own eyes when they saw the results.

The seasoned English teams, the best of which got “only” the 26th place, all agreed that this is the venue and this is the competition that serious competitors should never miss. In all respects, this is the biggest carp cup in the world.

The 2019 IBCC is between 14th April and 20th April, a week earlier than usual. If everything goes according to plan, there will be 250 (!) competing teams. It’s needless to say that all the places will be occupied quickly thanks to the enormous success this year. It’s impossible to predict whether we can exceed the 2018 results or not, but there’s going to be full house in the V. IBCC for sure.


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