The One as Sector sponsor


The One baits the result of several years development which proofed their catchiness in all water and circumstances. So the real test-period happened under difficult and tense circumstances in reason to continually  increase the efficiency of baits. The One Baits are more effective in unfavorable conditions than many other baits. Year in year out it continues to help anglers catch some of the most pressured fish from some of the most pressured waters time and time again. Many Cups proved the work that had gone into it. Countless record catch associated with THE ONE baits. The One baits are made of 100% natural ingredients, are not only fast on fishing, but also for on longer tours can be used successfully. THE ONE bait made from the highest quality products, delivering a rich natural taste which has even the most pressured fish returning for more, right throughout the year.


THE ONE tackle finally on the market!

Hooks, Rig and Baiting tools, hook lines, main lines and braids, Swivels, links, Clips, Hook links sleeves, Boilie needle, Nut drill, stringer needle, cutters, knot puller, splicing needles provide the highest quality. All our products were specially designed on the actual demands of anglers, on our best knowledge and actual technologies available today.


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