The One as sector sponsor

The One baits are the result of a lengthy testing process. These baits proved to be extremely catchy on various waters not just in everyday fishing, but also in prestigious international fishing competitions. The actual testing took place in tense situations where the bait was continuously being refined. After the winning recipe had been made, the consistency of the bait was not modified. Numerous trophies have proved the effectiveness of our work. Many years have passed, and by now there are a lot of records thanks to The One products. These baits, which are made of 100% natural ingredients, can be used successfully not only in short fishing adventures but also during longer fishing trips. The One features four types of bait: the Red, strawberry-Frankfurter, the Black squid-plum, the Purple-crayfish, and the Gold scopex-caramel. The One team is constantly testing the products so that you can be part of all the wonderful catches.

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