Inox Carp offical Weighing Tripod supplier of IBCC 2018.

Istvan Nagy started the business in the ’80s, at this time He deal with polishing industrial materials but since then he has been involved in the product of stainless steel materials. I am so sure that
others had been in occasion that angling rod holder stand caused much annoyance. Broken parts, frayed, wasn’t adequate stability of it, possibly overturned. We could leave these problem behind of us if We use Inox Carp’s rod holder and accessories.


Inox Carp stand’s meet with all the requirements and meets all waterfront field. Weather it is pier, sandy or pebbly beach or pumpkins water, these are no longer problem. Theres is a type that is rotated in 360 degrees, and a simple gesture and can be completely set up. The manufacturer engrave into the products anything for request, Could it be logo, name,  results is that the anglers will receive unique products. In addition, The customer have a say in the production, can define how many rod want to stick on it, how long are the legs, or even can define the size of the cross holders. Finally we got a unique product which is designed and planned by us.

The best quality and strength of materials are made of Inox Carp products. Manufacturer can produce whatever requested, only the imagination can be the limit. We can meet with Inox Carp on exhibition and on events. Our goal and policy to produce best quality with the continuous development and improvement and keep the prise as low as possible.

In regard to my age and health status i can’t take more guarantees over 100 years.

If you still want to know more about the Inox Carp, visit our website,
Istvan Nagy

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