Mikbaits – the quality brings success

The company was founded by a well known angler and publicist, Michal Kučera, in 2005. It became very quickly one of the biggest Czech based carp fishing companies. The popularity and reputation of the company have risen on its home market as well as abroad and step by step, it became one of the biggest and most prestigious fishing brand in middle Europe. The primary goal and motto is the quality of products and satisfied customers. That is why they use the highest quality ingredients from UK in production, mainly from CCMoore, but also Nutrabaits, Haiths and others. The boilie is being manufactured by original procedures, which allows to create very unique and specific boilie, which is not possible on big modern automatic machines. This is the reason, why their boilie became legendary. The flavours like Gangster G2, or Pikantní Švestka are very well known and popular by whole the Europe. You can find more than 30 different boilies in their offer and some of them are special manufactured to be selective and to attract the biggest carp mainly, but on the other hand, you can find very attractive and dissolving boilies to be used on short term trips or competitions. Mikbaits offer contains not only boilie, but the whole range for carp fishing like dips, boosters, pastes, pop-ups, pellets, ingredients, feeder and method feeder products and also specific products for catfish and sturgeon fishing. The brand is extremely successful on international carp fishing competitions. Their teams managed to win the Stairs 2 Hell (European Carp Championship) in 2019 and 2020. And also IBCC results are usually very strong. 2017 – 3rd place, 2018 – 2nd place, 2020 – 1st place overall and 1st place in Top5!

TB Baits introduction

TB Baits is a new brand of the Tomáš Blažek & Friends brand founded by the well-known carp angler Tomáš Blažek. TB Baits focuses on its own production and development of carp baits. The original products of the brand were specially focused on trophy carp fishing. Today, the product range is expanded to include products for all situations, both short and long trips. In the portfolio of this brand you will find a complete range of products for carp fishing. From classic boilie, hard, balanced, boostered and pop up boilie, pellets, to stick mixes, dips, boosters to raw materials such as various flours, attractors and essences. Dozens of over 20 kg of carp were caught on TB Baits products throughout Europe. Waters such as Lac du Der, Lac De Saint Cassien, Lac de Madine, Rhône, Elbe, Lake Novomlynska are no exception.




Sonik Sports is one of the Europe’s foremost and fastest growing fishing tackle brands. Founded in 2008 by a small collective of passionate anglers and industry stalwarts, it has built its reputation by providing the angler with innovative, quality products at realistic price points. It continues to grow and dominate and produces some of the most sought after carp fishing tackle in the world. Brands like AXS, Tournos, VaderX RS, Xtractor, DominatorX RS, Gizmo & Gravity are but a few of the market leading products that makes Sonik a first choice in delivering total customer satisfaction at every level.

In 2021, Nikl – Carp Specialist is again proud sponsor of the large carp races organized by the IBCC on the mighty lake Balaton. The lake itself is a monumental piece of nature and it is no doubt  that it will become an iconic lake within the European, carp fishing scene. Karel Nikl company was founded in 2001 with a focus on the production of boilies and carp baits. From the very beginning, Karel had a clear business strategy – To offer to customers more expensive products and lean on the highest possible quality. Today, Nikl s.r.o. is one of the leaders in the Czech and Slovak markets and is gradually being promoted in other European countries. Since 2010 there was close cooperation with company Carp’R’Us. We first operated CRU distribution in the Czech and Slovak Republics, and later we created a central warehouse for European distribution of Carp’R’Us in the Czech Republic. This has resulted in a strong link between these two brands. We can say that great baits by Karel Nikl combined with the high-quality Carp’R’Us end tackle helped to achieve many successes for both brands. In his career, Karel took part in many carp competitions and he managed to reach great results in most of them. It is amazing to watch his balance and success from various competitions. Among the top achievements are the WCC victory in 2016 and the Champion of Champions title at the same WCC championship in 2017. Nikl & Carp´R´Us team won the WCC Team Competition three times in a row, which has not been beaten yet. At IBCC in 2016, Karel finished with his team in second place overall and in 2017 at IBCC, the Nikl& Carp’R’Us team won first place in the Big Five competition.

We are looking forward to another year!

We are My Carp
One of the oldest & true punk czech company focused on carp baits production. The My Carp was found in winter 2007/2008 and from that moment, we are still so pasionate and highly motivated for fishing and bait making!
Just pure passion, reality and fun, that´s it.
After all those years we are keeping our production simple and effective.
All round proven HNV baits for catching the carps, not an anglers…
My Carp is not just a fishing team, we are friends for life, we are enjoing every bit & we just love it!


MIVARDI is the single most important brand in the Czech marketplace and a highly recognised brand in the central European region. In the Mivardi product range you can find a premium selection of carp fishing tackle denoted with an M-CARP symbol. The other part of our production is focused on the advanced match and feeder fishing industries. Within our product range is also a large amount of tackle dedicated to pleasure angler.


The top level fishing tackle made for enthusiastic and demanding carp anglers. These words shortly characterize the MIVARDI products marked with the symbol M-CARP. These products were developed with emphasize on the top quality of used materials, a reliable

function, a perfect manufacturing quality and the long lifespan. The M-CARP logo helps to identify this selected tackle in the wide range of MIVARDI goods. It helps to distinguish easily these top quality products from our hobby fishing production. This symbol you can find with each product from the exclusive M-CARP collection in this catalogue. The products

from exclusive M-CARP selection have been awarded many times in the fishing tackle shows. The most impressive are the bivvies and chairs awarded several times (Bivvy of the year 2013, Bivvy of the year 2012, Chair of the year 2012 and the Grand Prix award for the best product of the show For Fishing in Prague).

Trakker products on IBCC 2021.

World is now going thru a big phase of change. Basic things that were taken for granted in the past are becoming very important for a lot of people, who do revaluate their priorities. And one tendency we can see is that people are turning back to the nature more and more and the popularity of outdoor activities, including fishing, are experiencing big explosion of new people joining this beautiful sport or people who used to fish are coming back to it.

And as well as last year, we are again very proud to support IBCC 2021. Not just as an huge, but singular fishing event, but with its media coverage as a possibility to make fishing attractive to more people, who can thru fishing enjoy their time outdoors and find peace of mind in these turbulent times. And it is then up to us, Trakker Products, to provide anglers with innovative and high quality products, that will allow anglers to focus on fishing itself and keep them in comfort.

With undergoing development of bigger, taller and stronger concept for needs of session anglers, facing different challenges on big lakes and rivers of continental Europe, we have also managed to bring a major development in the fabric composition of our new Aquatexx EV, that has set a new benchmark with the hydrostatic head of 25 000 mm and passing the Bundesmann test method to prove its unmatched water repellency against all rivals. Future of bivvy technology is in materials used for their construction as we are looking for 10 long years for major construction improvement of our Tempest concept as still come back to the original design, that has proved to be the best we can find and that a lot of our competitors are trying to come close to, but not being able to improve the design, that has become an icon in 10 years since its launch.

As we are known for our innovations such as Tempest, Retention sling or Oval bed, in our expansion plan we are investing more then ever into the product development department, so that we can continue bringing products with unique and functional design, that will make fishing even more pleasurable to all our customers, who have put their faith into Trakker brand.

We also continue to look for new business partners in continental Europe, so if you are interested in cooperation with us, please contact us at

Together with our team we wish  you all the best of times here on IBCC 2021 and be lucky!

The Bookingfish booking system has been operating continuously since 2015. The idea of ​​creating the system was born during my trips around Europe. I needed a tool for a simple and quick search for fisheries. The problems with booking, no telephone contact with the fishery, the need to write or call for the trip confirmation – all these difficulties I was experiencing, gave me an idea to create an ideal tool – for an angler.   And today:

We cooperate and promote the best carp fisheries in Europe (Hungary, Poland,  Italy, France, Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Lithuania, Spain, Romania). We connect anglers looking for trips with the owners of fisheries. Our flagship project is the reactivation and continuous development of one of the most beautiful and oldest Polish carp fisheries – the Wygonin located in the center of the Tuchola Forest, with an area of ​​almost 70ha and a depth of over 20m.

The system allows you to quickly search, book, pay and confirm a reservation at a selected fishery, group trip, boat charter, stay in a fishing base or hire a guide. Everything you need is available in one place and from any device.

Our plans for the next few years include increasing the number of carp fisheries available in the system, extending the offer to fisheries on other continents, continuous development and improvement of the system to simplify the booking process as much as possible. The system is constantly evolving, every day we are adding new fisheries, new facilities, new guides and experts.

Everything we do, we do for you!

Arkadiusz Kraszewski

Web: – The market leader insurance portal

The online insurance portal founded in 1994 is the first website in Hungary providing insurance agency services which had been created and it is operated by the Netrisk Magyarország Kft.

In the past 27 years, Netrisk has helped more than 1 million online clients to conclude an insurance. The visitors of the portal can conclude their insurance transactions comfortably in a professional and secure environment. Netrisk provides full agency services from the calculation of fees through the conclusion of insurances to damage report and counselling. And all this 24 hours on all 365 days of the year from home or from the workplace saving all the hassle of actually going to an insurance agent.

In 2019 Netrisk made a big step forward in strengthening its position on the Hungarian market by acquiring its biggest competitor, Biztosítá

And 2020 opened a whole new chapter in the history of the company. The TA Associates (USA) private equity company acquired the 75 % majority ownership of Netrisk and thus it began its expansion in Central-Eastern-Europe. The Netrisk Group has been established and in a short timeframe it acquired significant stakes and market shares in several countries. Today the Netrisk Group is present in the Czech Republic, in Slovakia and in Latvia.

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