We introduce to you company UFO Sinker, which manufactures lead-free
weights made of unique high density concrete and other special
components, that is 100% environmentally friendly.

These weights for anglers can be dipped and drawn by magnet from the
water for reuse. UFO Sinker weights still reach over 4 g/cm3, almost
twice as high as a stone. This is possible by use of nature iron ore
called magnetite. UFO Sinker provide shapes and sizes for a long range
and casting.

For all IBCC competitors, they have set up a special discount for the
most heaviest weights, which can be pre-ordered and picked up directly
at the venue. Here UFO Sinker will have a stand ready for you.

All assortments can be found at

MIVARDI is the single most important brand in the Czech marketplace and a highly recognised brand in the central European region. In the Mivardi product range you can find a premium selection of carp fishing tackle denoted with an M-CARP symbol. The other part of our production is focused on the advanced match and feeder fishing industries. Within our product range is also a large amount of tackle dedicated to pleasure angler. The top level fishing tackle made for enthusiastic and demanding carp anglers. These words shortly characterize the MIVARDI products marked with the symbol M-CARP. These products were developed with emphasize on the top quality of used materials, a reliable function, a perfect manufacturing quality and the long lifespan. The M-CARP logo helps to identify this selected tackle in the wide range of MIVARDI goods. It helps to distinguish easily these top quality products from our hobby fishing production. This symbol you can find with each product from the exclusive M-CARP collection in this catalogue. The products from exclusive M-CARP selection have been awarded many times in the fishing tackle shows. The most impressive are the bivvies and chairs awarded several times (Bivvy of the year 2013, Bivvy of the year 2012, Chair of the year 2012 and the Grand Prix award for the best product of the show For Fishing in Prague).

The Krmiva Hulín – Ing. Roman Küršner Company was founded in 2009 as a manufacturer of baits and lures for sport fishing. From the early beginning it is focused on own production made exclusively from its own recipes – no repacking mass production issued to own brand. Some of its products are on the Czech market unprecedented, for example pellets with a diameter 45 – 50 mm and catfish pellets with a diameter 38 mm, or our own product called Krill liquid with and excellent water solubility. Sale of our goods is ensured through our e-shop directly to our customers – no any middle bussines stages, which means our company can achieve low prices and excellent product quality simultaneously. This rised our company to a group of leading Czech producers. Currently we are one of the largest Czech suppliers of raw materials for homemade production. We offer more than a hundred kinds of this raw materials in a small to bagged packages. So in a main fishing season we distribute daily more than three tons of goods. In 2015 we also started to produce hand-mixed and cold-pressed dog food. For our dog food we got customers from the line of breeders and also fishermen. Most of our customers comes from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but our distribution extends anywhere to European countries. We believe that many of new customers will choose our products and verify that even also cheap products can have high quality.




The One baits are the result of a lengthy testing process. These baits proved to be extremely catchy on various waters not just in everyday fishing, but also in prestigious international fishing competitions. The actual testing took place in tense situations where the bait was continuously being refined. After the winning recipe had been made, the consistency of the bait was not modified. Numerous trophies have proved the effectiveness of our work. Many years have passed, and by now there are a lot of records thanks to The One products. These baits, which are made of 100% natural ingredients, can be used successfully not only in short fishing adventures but also during longer fishing trips. The One features four types of bait: the Red, strawberry-Frankfurter, the Black squid-plum, the Purple-crayfish, and the Gold scopex-caramel. The One team is constantly testing the products so that you can be part of all the wonderful catches.

SONIK SPORTS was named to make waves within the angling industry. Founded in 2008 but conceived long before by a group of passionate anglers dedicated to designing the best possible fishing tackle at realistic prices. Now with over 300 products across 10 key categories; SONIK is known for producing some of the best carp fishing tackle in the world with brands like VADER-X, DOMINATOR-X and GRAVITY-X. Today SONIK continues to be focused on delivering total customer satisfaction as well as more product for your money.

Deeper’s mission is to take everyday objects used in sports and outdoor activities and transform them into the most advanced cutting-edge smart devices. Take the Deeper Smart Sonar, the world’s first wireless echo sounder compatible with iOS and Android devices. Today, Deeper’s range of smart sonar devices are sold in more than 50 countries, enabling avid anglers from Sydney to Singapore, Michigan to Manchester to experience a completely new way of fishing. And the Deeper App is the leading fish finder app on Google Play and App Store. Today, Deeper offers a number of smart sonar models, one app, multiple fishing accessories and the bathymetry management platform, Lakebook™. Deeper fish finders are available in 50 countries with over 2 million Fish Deeper App downloads and a fantastic team of over 60 specialists working behind our vision and constantly striving to create the next big thing. Deeper smart sonar can be cast to any spot in the water. It floats on the water surface and transmits detailed bottom and water column information straight to the screen of your smartphone or tablet. Deeper body case is made from ABS plastic that makes the device light-weighted (90g) therefore castable using the  most standard rod lines. ABS plastic has also proven a perfect permeability of ultrasound and radio waves (GPS, GSM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth). Altogether one Deeper device consists of approx. 190 electronic, mechanic and other components. Deeper CHIRP+ is the world’s first castable, GPS enabled, Wi-Fi fish finder that utilizes CHIRP technology. A CHIRP (Compressed High Intensity Radiated Pulse) sonar sends out a continuous flow of frequencies, ranging from low to high and because of this, the sonar readings are much clearer and have a higher resolution compared to traditional sonars.

Trakker products on IBCC 2020.

Trakker products is proud to be supporting such an event as IBCC 2020. As a company, we have made an important decision 3 years ago when we decided to build a dedicated European Headquarters in Malacky, Slovakia with the aim to grow the continental market. Since the very early days in 1983, we have always been Sheffield, UK based company that that grew into its current form thru constant development and innovation as well as manufacturing excellence. And as the company got stronger and stronger every year and grew at a high pace, move to continental Europe was a logical step. And it is not just the distribution itself, but also a move in product development towards the continental anglers. The ethos of our brand remains, to deliver innovative and high quality products that will allow anglers allow to focus on fishing itself and keep them in comfort. But we are now applying our knowledge to development of more products suited for the continent – taller, stronger, bigger – is the main aim with such products as our flagship Tempest 150 bivvy and colossal Tempest 200. Other categories are receiving upgrades of our bestselling products in this theme as well and there is much more to come in the future as well as big developments in fabric technology! And to attend such an event as IBCC is important for us also to understand better needs of continental anglers on such a magnificent venue as Lake Balaton.

Together with our team we wish you all the best of times here on IBCC 2020 and be lucky!

In 2020, Carp’R’Us and Nikl are again proud sponsors of the large carp races organized by the IBCC on the mighty lake Balaton. The lake itself is a monumental piece of nature and it is no doubt  that it will become an iconic lake within the European, carp fishing scene.


Carp’R’Us is a British company founded in 1996 by Mr. Ray Dale-Smith, a major innovator and legend in the field of terminal tackle. Ray has always been a great innovator who was not afraid to try new things and brought to market many products that were revolutionary at that time but nowadays are commonplace among all fishermen. To name some of the products which Carp’R’Us brought to the market, we can talk about fluorocarbon materials and lines, Snag Clip system, Mouthsnagger line aligners, Longshank Nailer, Centurion 2000 or Cranked Hook. In recent years, Carp’R’Us is more focusing on the needs of continental fishermen and is still coming up with new products. It is worth noting that ATS hooks have been designed with regard to large lakes and large carps. In short, ATS hooks present two words – strength and reliability. The novelty for 2020 is primarily the inclusion of new Ronnie rigs and the full range of their production.

Karel Nikl

Karel Nikl company was founded in 2001 with a focus on the production of boilies and carp baits. From the very beginning, Karel had a clear business strategy – To offer to customers more expensive products and lean on the highest possible quality. Today, Nikl s.r.o. is one of the leaders in the Czech and Slovak markets and is gradually being promoted in other European countries.

Since 2010 there was close cooperation with company Carp’R’Us. We first operated CRU distribution in the Czech and Slovak Republics, and later we created a central warehouse for European distribution of Carp’R’Us in the Czech Republic. This has resulted in a strong link between these two brands. We can say that great baits by Karel Nikl combined with the high-quality Carp’R’Us end tackle helped to achieve many successes for both brands. In his career, Karel took part in many carp competitions and he managed to reach great results in most of them. It is amazing to watch his balance and success from various competitions. Among the top achievements are the WCC victory in 2016 and the Champion of Champions title at the same WCC championship in 2017. Nikl & Carp´R´Us team won the WCC Team Competition three times in a row, which has not been beaten yet. At IBCC in 2016, Karel finished with his team in second place overall and in 2017 at IBCC, the Nikl& Carp’R’Us team won first place in the Big Five competition.

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