Red Card has been given to a team

Big Team from PEG 198 got Red Card, that means they can not continue the competition.


Decisions of the Committee


Certain unilateral decisions taken by IBCC’s official, Big Team, on peg 198 is excluded from the competition, with immediate effect due to possessing an 18,60kg carp under unclear circumstances and destroyed. Based on the Competition Rules (hereinafter: CR, version 1.0, dated 2016.08.18) appeal does not possible.


The CR I. m and n point; The rules specified by the Organizer will be implemented in all cases, the organizer reserving the right to derive these rules incidents reported or observed by the organizers, will be investigated immediately, and depending on their severity, may result in disqualification.

CR V a; In order to ensure that each point of the CR complies, the organizers have set up the jury. Jury decisions are taken on the basis of a simple majority vote in case of equality of the decision will be taken by the chief referee. The CR XVI. b point; After the start of the competition, competition rules cannot be interpreted, this is only possible during the presentation to the competition, on registration. The CR XVIII. the a and b; points In case of exclusion will be automatically canceled all the results obtained until that moment, angling could not pursue further.

Snapping, marking or death of fish as a direct or indirect result of an intentional act leads to immediate exclusion from the competition. The Committee members of IBCC does not have discretion, the further detailed examination is unnecessary. The CR XIX b; By signing the registration form, the competitor acknowledges the risks and that the responsibility and consequences of deviation from the general rules are not incumbent to the organizer.

Based on the permission of the Exercise of fish management rights, having regard to all the circumstances of the case dispense with reimbursement of estimated replacement cost.

Tihany, 2018.04.22.


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