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We engineer, manufacture and market lithium-ion batteries. Batteries that weigh less, deliver more power and are better for the environment than traditional batteries. Batteries that charge faster, last longer and are cheaper to use.

We focus exclusively on Angling. By engaging our clients and involving them early on in our product development cycle we develop innovative products that allow our customers to do what they really want to do. So they can go “die hard” Carp or Pike fishing without worrying about whether their battery can keep up.  We supply the energy to make that possible: hassle free batteries for portable waterside energy, propulsion of electric outboards and fishfinders. High quality products for discerning Anglers, extensively tested in practice, that are convenient to use.

Rebelcell offers different models in different capacity ranges for fisherman:
12V25 – with 3kg best for Fishfinder and short tracks use
12V50 – with 5kg best for use with outboard engines. With 30lbs engine you have a range of 4-8 hours, with 45lbs 3-6 hours and 55lbs 2-4 hours depending on conditions.

12V100 – with 10kg the big block for extreme use. Runtime: with normal use 8-16 hours (with 30 Lbs engine), 6- 12 hours (with 45 Lbs engine), and 4-8 hours (with 55 Lbs engine).

All batteries have digital charge indicator, dual USB Port and are fully charged within 5-6 hours.

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