Krmiva Hulin as sector sponsor

The Krmiva Hulín – Ing. Roman Küršner Company was founded in 2009 as a manufacturer of baits and lures for sport fishing. From the early beginning it is focused on own production made exclusively from its own recipes – no repacking mass production issued to own brand. Some of its products are on the Czech market unprecedented, for example pellets with a diameter 45 – 50 mm and catfish pellets with a diameter 38 mm, or our own product called Krill liquid with and excellent water solubility. Sale of our goods is ensured through our e-shop directly to our customers – no any middle bussines stages, which means our company can achieve low prices and excellent product quality simultaneously. This rised our company to a group of leading Czech producers. Currently we are one of the largest Czech suppliers of raw materials for homemade production. We offer more than a hundred kinds of this raw materials in a small to bagged packages. So in a main fishing season we distribute daily more than three tons of goods. In 2015 we also started to produce hand-mixed and cold-pressed dog food. For our dog food we got customers from the line of breeders and also fishermen. Most of our customers comes from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but our distribution extends anywhere to European countries. We believe that many of new customers will choose our products and verify that even also cheap products can have high quality.

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