Important information!

As not all types of life vest are accepted by the Hungarian police, in this post we would like to help you choose the proper one.

The vest in the left hand side photo is clearly better than the other one, still, it is not accepted by the authorities.

In case of violation of rules related to boat and water sports equipment, the on-the-spot fine is 40.000 HUF, whereas the fine given by post is 80.000 HUF.

According to the official rules every person who travels by boat must wear a life vest.

The parameters of the life vest required by the authorities: automatic inflatable life vest inflatable games for sale adjusted to the person who is wearing it, corresponding to European Standards. Vests with the following sign are accepted (with Newton Range): ISO 12402-1, 12402-2, 12402-3,12402-4: 2006 (according to the new standards). 12402-5 IS NOT ACCEPTED (it is considered a personal flotation device).

The “CE” letters must be placed on the life vest.

In case of older life vests made according to EN 395 and EN 396 standards, they can still be used if the user or authorities deem them safe (fillers, covers, and bands are examined by the police on the spot).

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