III. IBCC Highlights and results


I. Pontycentrum 644.54 kg
II. Black Carp Team 557.59 kg
III. Mokosák – Mikbaits SK 545.62 kg


BIGGEST FISH – Black Bass / Starbaits Team 26.05kg



I. Karel Nikl & Carp’R’us Team
II. Szepezdi Extrémsport Szövetség
III. Tropic Liberec Team



Infinite Carp Baits 
I. Abbara Carp Team
II. Abara

I. Balatoni Halgazdálkodás
II. Squat Carp
DSC_1017 DSC_0976

Don Carp 
I. B-B and Bark Team
II. Carpspot Germany 1
DSC_0951 DSC_0945

I. Nikl Carp’R’Us
II. Sportcarp CZ
DSC_1040 DSC_1030

Carp Expert 
I. No respect
II. Boxi Maconka Team
DSC_0920 DSC_0911

I. Jet Fish SK
II. KeriobBaits
DSC_1062 DSC_1052

I. Banat Charp Team
II. Free Carp Deva

PVA Hydrospol 
I. Bait Bait Hal.hu Team
II. SBS Baits SK Rybárske potreby RADO

I. ZoPit Team
II. Rachid Kamel

The One 
I. Eco Carp Team
II. SBS Baits SK 2. Rybarske potreby RADO
DSC_1104 DSC_1089

III IBCC was beyond all expectation from the beginning until the last minute of the competition. 127 team from 15 nation has started the competitions on previously marked places on the same time after a grandiose ceremony and an exciting peg draw.

1 2DSC_0335DSC_0272DSC_9246

During the whole competition anglers must continuously observe the storm indicator because Balaton’s wether isn’t took them in favor – despite all of that 125 team finished the competition successfully.

We shared the most important information on our social website as we did it previous years, whether it is warnings or greatest success about moreover IBCC staff made on-line live coverage each night about daily most important events.


Most important moments


Competition has just begun and the first fish arrived shortly hence Marshall needed to do their job quickly. Just 5 hour after the start there were valid catches in 4 different sector.

Likely more and more carps were hooked during whole race which weights were above 20 kg : Exactly one of it was 20,10 kg mirror carp netted by Tropic Liberec Team on 2nd day –  by the time valid catches were in 9 different sector.


First yellow card had been shown up shorty to The One Team Romania due to inappropriate boat use on peg 87.



More and more teams were with carp above 5 kg on the third day and more then 70 team was with weighted fish by noon. Number of total catches just has been raising to the anglers satisfaction.


IBCC staff were recoding continually and thanks to this being part of many fish playing, weighting – by this our viewers and followers too.

Unfortunately The One team Romania had been eliminated from the competitions due to consecutive irregularity.


Total weight of the catches were above 4 tons on day 4 which made competitors more excited, and more than 100 team had weighted fish. III IBCC biggest fish catched by  Szepezdi Extrémsport Szövetség on peg 73, at beach Csalogány Balatonfenyves with the weight of 23.20 kg.



Total catches was above 6 tons already on day 5, team Abara successfully hooked a fish with weight of 22,94 kg at Révfülöp.


Continuous weighting, hooking, netting and no wonder that weight of total catches reached 10 by day six. The biggest fish was hooked in the finish by team Black Bass/Starbaits at peg 91 Fonyód. This is the biggest fish in the history of IBCC with the weight of 26.05 kg.


In the finish of the competition all team was on making the best of themself, because it was hardly predictable the final result.

First three places on the podium has been changed with last weighting and last 24 hour made a lot of changes in the ranking list.

We thinks every team won, officially 125 team finished the competition.


We do believe in we can continue IBCC with such a big enthusiastic int he future. As organizers we liked to thank all the feedback, sponsor shipment support, to our fans like – thanks to this we reached 16000 followers.


Watch again every live coverage, reread our minute by minute commentary or check out our photo gallery on our social website.




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