IBCC News 1st Day

Information A.S.A.P. for teams, fans and everyone who want to know what happening in IBCC 2017! About weather, official news and results in IBCC 2017!


17:55 Changed storm-signal!

Let’s go to water! Teams can do fishing max. 450 m on the south and on the north max. 350 m


17:49  A new fish from Rebecel sector 

A fish was  cathced at Balatonboglár, it can be the first fish more than 10 kg?


17:18 The Tropic Liberec Team is on the top

At 8 p.m. there will be our live show with games by theONE, news and all about fishing!


16:39 Catched fish in 4 sectors

The first official results is on the http://ibcc.hu/results_2017/


16:12 Our reporters came back

The crew has come with great reports about the beginning of IBCC 2017.  More in the live show at 8 p.m.
Click:  www.fishingandhuntingtv.com/live


15:48 Secondary storm-signal 

It is windy, the temperature is about 9 -15. Lake Balaton is 8 °C.


15:19 Meteorological partner: Időkép 

Use the www.idokep.hu to have information about the weather.


15:00 Jan Hubka catched his first fish 

In Balatonberény Tropic Liberec Team has the most quantity of fishes.


14:03 You can win a present from TheOne

Click on the site: www.fishingandhuntingtv.com/live at 8 p.m.! There will be  a question to play for the present!


13: 49 LIVE will be at 8 p.m.

We are preparing for the live show! There will be reports with different teams and you can see some catches too!


13:20 The second fish!

In Colibri sector the fish-mood is okay! Marshals said that the mood is really good at the sectors.


12:53 The first fish is measured


12:41 The first fish!

In Mivardi Sector, in Fonyód there is the first catch – in the live show there will be a report about it at 8 p.m.


12: 30 Games on facebook

More than 1000 facebook fans could hint the height of biggest carp in IBCC 2017! The winner will get the present by the Infinite Carp Baits Austria!


12:11 We will see…

If the weather is better later, the teams can do fishing max. 450 m on the south and on the north max. 350 m.


12:00 The 2nd IBCC has already started

There is secondary storm-signal –  many teams decided to wait for better weather conditions and do not casting.


11:29 More and more teams decided to participate IBCC 2017, after 2015 and 2016

We believe in the biggest fishes in the story IBCC, because of the teams’ practise.


11:20 In Club Tihany, the teams are waiting for the starting!


11:16 Marshals report: all of  127 teams are ready!

The teams are on their official fishing places near Lake Balaton!


11:00 Click on our facebook page!



11:00 The competition will start at noon with Tamás Csörgő, Head Marshal  

The Head Marshal probably will be in Keszthely! On our facebook page, there will be more details about the official starting of IBCC 2017!


10:55 Our collegauges are ready to make the best films & reports

Our crew goes to competitor teams to report them about the first minutes of IBCC 2017!


10:45 What about the storm-signal in the beginning of IBCC 2017?

At Lake Balaton, the storm-signal is 90 per minute. You can download the app TAVIVIHAR to have warnings ASAP!

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